In today's highly Competitive, dynamic and constantly evolving market place, it is vital for Independent and standalone hotels to have the right people to help them compete and outperform the bigger brands both domestic and foreign. Mice Hospitality bridges this gap for these independent and standalone hotels by supporting them with Professional Hotel Sales Manpower, Office Infrastructure, Technology and know-how that allows them to remain competitive and achieve their financial Goals. We build your brand at our cost. Your hotel will be able to capitalise on the value our brand has gained, whilst retaining your independence and the individuality that gives your hotel a strong competitive edge in both local and national market. Mice Hospitality offers national visibility and maximises the revenue potential of your hotel by providing a range of programmes guaranteed to increase your hotel’s national exposure. we provide you with comprehensive Exclusive Sales & Marketing opportunities across all travel related platform.


Today in the stand alone hotels and resorts segment, the owner is unable to setup offices beyond the unit office, hence the absence of regional office business creates a huge gap in the projected revenue. This is mainly due to the cost factor and the lack of understanding of the business module.

To address this issue, the hotel appoints either GSA’s or do a tie up with the TA’s in those markets, who have similar tie-up’s with many such other hotels and do not give personal attention to your property.

We offer to represent these hotels on Exclusive basis both offline and online by appointing dedicated Sale staff to represent them in different geographical locations. This gives the hotel better visibility with exclusive dedicated staff across the country ensuring continuous flow of business to meet the sales budget of the hotel, ensuring a healthy fund flow for day to day operational necessities.

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